32 vs 64 bits

Hi all,

We are gearing up to upgrade from wM6.5 32-bit to wM8.2 64-bit and I was wondering if I will have problems accessing the IS and Trading networks from my laptop which has a 32-bit OS, or if I will have to upgrade my OS as well.

For instance, I wonder if a 32-bit Designer or a 32-bit TN Console installed on a 32-bit machine can access wM 64-bit installed in a 64-bit OS properly. :confused:

PS: we are 100% Windows environment.

Your input is appreciated.

The OS of the server and client machines are independent. The only dependency is using a version of Developer/Designer/TN Console that is supported by IS. 32- vs. 64-bit is not an issue.

Thanks for your reply Reamon. In that case, I have an even dumber question. Would you think a wM process developed on a 32-bit server would (or would not) have issues when implemented on the wM 64-bit system? :confused:

Would not. Follow proper deployment steps and it should work without issue.

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