%2360save needed in Enterprise Integrator

Every time I use Enterprise Integrator I notice, at some stage, the warning at the top of my screen. I am the only developer using the tools and, though on one or two occasions it is possible that I may have accidentally altered something, I cannot accept that this happens every time I use the system.
Apart from being irritating, this is quite a worrying problem as eventaully this is going to lead to me or somebody else not saving when they should, or saving when they shouldn’t.
Has anybody else noticed this and, if so, what explanations or actions are appropriate ?


First of all, the warning “Save Needed” is important to the internal script of EI because the script automatically changes when you manipulate ANY part of your integrations. The “Save Needed” warning is only a indication telling you to save your current script because the “Undo” option in EI has an inadequate amount of rollbacks. The warning comes at first as an “yellow” alert… nothing happened but the warning appears (because the EI is yet another client of broker and uses a local script instead of saving directly to the broker… which means that hitting the Save button sends it to the broker).

I hope this answers your question,


I am afraid I still don’t understand why I receive, even a yellow, alert to save my work when I haven’t done any work. I find this a terribly disconcerting ‘feature’ of the product.

Is there any way of determining what changes EI believes need to be saved ? This, at least, would allow me to make an informed decision.

I have to agree with Mike that browsing around in various integrations, scripts, adapter settings, etc. shouldn’t cause the “save needed” flag to be set. Is it possible that updates from other people have been sent to the EI client (to keep things in sync–which is a Good Thing) but that the “save needed” code can’t tell the difference between remote mods and local mods (which is a Bad Thing)?

Of course this is all moot since EI will be dead soon and it is highly unlikely any patches/fixes/updates will be issued.

This feature even pops when nobody else are sending to the EI Client. In a way, I do think it’s unnecessary… I agree that there won’t be a quick fix here…