1033 Unexpected stop of Enterprise Server

When we installed WebMethods 4.1.1 in our machines (OS Solaris 2.8) we
created a specific user and group, namely active and mdw, and during the
instalation of the application we used this user and group. Now when we
start the application using the S45broker40 and S50adapter40 scripts we use
this user and group. In our Production environment we don�t have any kind of
problem, but in our Pre-Production environment the awbrokermon process goes
down. What we did to solve this problem was to run the S45broker40 with the
user root, and S50adapter40 with the user active. What I would like to know
is why this is hapenning? The errors that we obtain is “1127 - Unexpected
stop of Enterprise Server in directory /var/opt/activesw/awbrokers40/default
pid 9732 - exit code 1” and “1033 - Enterprise Server in directory
/var/opt/activesw/awbrokers40/default failed on first start, giving up”.
Should I always start the aplication using root user? If so, why is this
working in Production?
When we run the script S45broker40 start with user active we have the the
following message “ulimit: bad ulimit”.


I am also facing similar kind of problem.
When I run the script S45broker40 start with user active,I get a message “ulimit:bad limit”.

Could you please let me know how did you rectify this problem.

Any kind of suggestion is highly appreciable.

Thanks & regards,

Hi neelima,
In production I think normally ulimit will be more or infinite which is between 8000-9000. I think the ulimit for pre-production environments in your place should be less for that user or the ulimit u set is higher than the abve figure. so you have to contact you unix admin to find the limit and fix it for you.

  • ulimit is for file descriptors, where broker or unix programs will be allocated for threads(etc iam not sure , i think by default it is 128 for each user).

Correct me if iam wrong.

Hope this helps.

Haseeb Mohammad