10083 - Parameter not within value range

On the Server side we have Solaris8 64bit and Natural v6.1.1 pl9 and EntireX v7.1.1
On the Client side we have also Solaris8 64bit and an Oracle 9.2 Environment.

Over a C-Routine Oracle calls a Natural-Routine on the server. The interface contains fixed variables like ‘#ARR_FIELD (A10/1:50)’. When all Array-Entries are filled up to 50, we get the Error 10083.

Does anyone know about this problem?

This is the description of the error from the docu:

[i]00010083 Parameter not within value range.
Explanation In the EntireX IDL file value ranges are defined for data types. The value you are trying to send is outside of the defined range. For example, it is not possible to send

* a negative value with data type NU or PU
* a value greater than 127 and lesser than -128 with I1
* a value greater than 32767 and lesser than -32768 with I2
* a value greater than 2147483647 and lesser than -2147483648 with I4.

Action Check the program and correct the error.[/i]

Hope it helps.

Do you know about problems with Fixed Arrays? The error doesn’t occur when we fill only 49 array-entries.

Is it possible that Unbounded Arrays solve our problem?

This error has nothing to do with arrays.
Maybe the 50th array entry exceeds a maximum. Which datatypes other then A(lphanumeric) are you using ?