0020 0134 Logon Required DCOM wrapper

Since our upgrade from 7.1.1 to 7.2.1 patch level 50, our dcom wrapped dlls, wrapped with the new version have been causing 0020 0134 errors. If we explicitly set the ForceLogon to false on these dcom objects, then the error does not occur. It would seem as though the default setting for the ForceLogon has changed from false to true as the dlls that have been wrapped with the previous version do not require the ForceLogon to be set to false. Are we doing something wrong when wrapping the dlls? Is there a fix available for this?


For future reference and the sake of completeness, here is the reply received by SAG support:

It’s a bug, ForceLogon default was changed in EXX721. But, I’m afraid there is no fix for EXX721 because it’s out of support.
R&D is making a fix for EXX7.3, it is recommended that you upgrade to the EXX 734 (latest patch for EXX73) and the apply the new fix.