.Net Wrapper Error

I recently upgraded from EntireX v7.2.1 to v8.1.2.0. I have a .Net program that uses the .Net wrapper to make a call to a service hosted on a Mainframe (z/OS) environment. The program makes several calls to a Mainframe program that accepts a single string parameter. Prior to the upgrade everything worked. However, since the upgrade, I am getting this error:

This error occurs spuriously i.e. at different points. The .Net program calls the EntireX stub repeatedly but fails after several calls. I have attached the stub log for reference.

The stub log does not contain an error. I have deleted the stub log because it seems to contain confidential data.

I suggest that you contact support to get this issue resolved.

The error was being caused by trying to use the .Net wrapper from a .Net Framework version 4 project. When the project was compiled against .Net Framework version 2, there was no problem.