Zementis 10.5

Zementis is a decision engine for operational deployment, management and execution of AI and Machine Learning models. Zementis comes in three major flavors and is available as a stand-alone platform in the cloud and on-prem, as a microservice application in Cumulocity IoT and as a plugin component on top of various Hadoop-based data storage platforms and stream processing engines.

The Predictive Analytics microservice in Cumulocity IoT now comes with:

  • Codeless device data and ML model interface mapping
  • Scheduling of batch prediction jobs
  • Zementis engine in all flavors now offers:
    • Enhanced support for Time Series Models
      • Support for Seasonal ARIMA forecasting
    • Enhanced support for CNN architectures like MobileNet, VGGNet, ResNet and RetinaNet.
      • Support for Object Localization along with object detection
    • Compliance with latest release of PMML 4.4 including:
      • Support for Lag expressions with aggregate functions
      • Support for Anomaly Detection Models

Open Source releases:

Release Notes are available at: