Zementis 10.4 Release

Zementis Server is a decision engine for operational deployment, integration and execution of AI and machine learning models.

Zementis Server in Cumulocity IoT

  • Zementis Server now available as a dedicated microservices application in Cumulocity IoT
  • Deploy and execute Machine Learning models in Cumulocity IoT
  • Manage the entire Machine Learning model lifecycle in Cumulocity IoT

Zementis Server Stand-Alone

  • New UI based on Angular
  • Zementis Server available as a Docker image
  • Enhanced support for CNNs with Pooling Layer optimizations
  • Updated REST API to support authentication tokens and license management
  • Integration with Software AG Update Manager for fix delivery
  • Compliance with upcoming PMML 4.4 release features:
    • Support for multiple model methods “weightedSum” and “weightedMedian”
    • Support for new attributes MiningField@invalidValueReplacement and Lag@aggregate
    • Support for new Built-in Functions: isValid, isNotValid, modulo(%), sin, asin, sinh, cos, acos, cosh, tan, atan, tanh, rint, hypot, ln1p, expm1

Note: This release is an innovation release.Release Notes are available at: