XSLT Complex Type

As per w3c Ambiguous content model is not supported so wM does not support ambigous content model



I am facing following error while creating an XML schema.

Message: Schema definition is INVALID
Error: 0
pathName: /schema/element/complexType/all/element/
errorMessage: [ISC.0082.9015] Ambiguous content model in schema - not LL(1)

Let me know.Thanks in advance.


There’s a few XSD features that webMethods does not like, from my experience.
First one is the use of ##any type in schemas. The second is use of included schemas.
In the first instance, I removed all ##any declarations, or changed them to xs:string. As far as included schemas, the best way around this is to create a big schema with all referenced schemas together. This seemed to work.


Hido Hasimbegovic