XSL Transformation using the PHP's Sablotron module


we use the Sablotron Module of PHP to convert the result of our queries on the database to HTML. It works up to to a certain point: we have some problems with accented letters, any accented letter (the ones we use are the french accented letters, such as

I don’t think your problem is a Tamino Problem. I have been working with Tamino for a while and when I had encoding problems it was never because of Tamino at the end of the day…

The difficulty with the encoding is that the complete software chain must respect the encoding rules.

You must check in Sablotron what encodings are supported. As php is always written to run on Linux first it can be that the windows encoding is not correctly supported.

What happens when you do the query through the browser (or in the interactive interface )?

J-F Declercq
Software AG Belgium

The encoding of the Tamino result document (which is presumably the input to the Saboltron transformation) won’t affect the encoding of the Sablotron output. To control the Sablotron output, you need to specify something like

<xsl:output method=“html” encoding=“iso-8859-1”>

On the other hand, it’s possible (and perhaps more likely) that the encoding is being lost between Tamino and Sablotron. It’s not clear to me from your post how you are getting the Tamino output into Sablotron - if you can, check that the actual encoding of the data stream at this interface matches the XML declaration at the head of the stream, and also the encoding specified in the HTTP header.

Mike Kay