Is xsd:anyType supported by IS6.1? I’m getting an error: “ErrorMessage: [ISC.0082.9707] Base type definition not found” for a couple elements declared like: <xsd:extension>
If it’s not supported what would be a good work around?

This sounds like webMethods cant find the referenced base schema(s).

Are the base schemas included with a path that your Developer session can reference when you are creating the schema object?

I thought xsd:anyType was a base schema type (i.e. apart of the schema specification). I didn’t think that I would have to make sure any of the schema definitions would be in a path… where would I look?

Since you mentioned xsd:extension, I assumed you were extending a base schema that is defined in another xsd file. If that is correct, the problem may be in reading that file.

If this is not helping, can you post your xsd schema file?