XSD Redefine---webMethods Integration Server does not support it!!!

Hi ,
I am trying to create a webServcieConnector from Wsdl .My wsdl is importing an XSD which is inturn using redefines .I got the following error

[ITD.0012.0012] Error occurred while creating Web Service Connector
com.webmethods.caffeine.utils.FormattedException: com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [ISC.0092.9104] Detected use of ‘redefine’ - webMethods Integration Server does not support it.

Any thoughts ?

XML schema redefines and recursive (self-referencing) definitions are not supported. While use of these structures is allowable, they are extremely uncommon and not generally recommended for maximum interoperability.

You can edit the schemas defined inline or imported into the WSDL to remove the use of the redefines.

Also, if you have a example request message, you can simply create a doc type that allows you to create it and build your own soap message to be sent to the provider using pub.client:soapHTTP or pub.client:soapRPC.

As written here more times than I can count, the Flow code generated by the web services connector wizard is only a starting point and should never be used past development without modifications for ease of maintenance and improved error handling.

In other words, just because the wizard won’t write the code to consume your service, does not mean that you can’t do it yourself.

Improved support for XML schema is slated for delivery in IS 7.1 due out this summer. Hopefully, the web services connector wizard will go away or be replaced by something much better at the same time.


Thanks for your input Mark .

I will merge my MasterXMLvocab element definitions with redefines one and create the webServiceConnector .

Ramesh K Tadapaneni

Thanks for your response to Ramesh, as it also helped me. I was wondering how sacred the wizard’s generated code was. You cleared that up.

“Sacred”? It’s not even good. :slight_smile: