xs:date and xs:duration problems with Tamino 4.4.1

Hi to all,

I have a problem using the following condition into a query:

where (xs:date(‘2006-02-27’)) < (xs:date($trackAndTrace/ctxTT:date + xs:duration(xf:string-join((‘P’,‘10’,‘D’),“”))))

The element “$trackAndTrace/ctxTT:date” is define as a xs:date

I receive this response:
INOXQE6361: Type exception: invalid operands for operator Operator: +; line 5, column 77: + xs:duration(xf:string-join((‘P’,‘10’,‘D’),“”)))) )…

The problem is that I can use the same condition with a database version 4.2.1 and it works well.

Can anyone helps me?



I guess your problem is related to the fact that the “+” operator can’t be applied on xs:duration instances. Due to this I’m a bit surprised that your condition works with Tamino 4.2.1.

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