I’m using Tamino xml server from asp pages, using JS TaminoLib.
If I try to execute a simple query i recive and error response from tamino, here is the code:

var query = “for $a in input()/* return $a”;
var dbname=“http://dbserver:81/tamino/GA4141/IMS”;
var QueryObj;
QueryObj = new TaminoClient(dbname);
var objLR = QueryObj.query(query);

This is the error i recieve:
INOXIE8320 Error parsing the XQL query, Unexpected token $a found, expected was End of query

Any ideas?
Does js lib support xquery?
Thanks a lot

I don’t suppose you have a function called “xquery” in TaminoLib.js? If not it appeared in a later version.

Where can we get the latest version? I didn’t see it in downloads and I’ve got a customer asking the same question – can they use Xquery in Javascript API.