xquery and interactive interface`

Hi all,
Does anyone know why xquery (in this case an update) returnes 0 results (running in interactive interface), while running the same query at a different time returnes the number of docs affected?

Could it be a configuration issue with transaction time?



It was not an issue with any configuration, rather adding the attribute of the element in the query causes the query not to work.

Is there anyway to get the attributes of an element (ONLY) as the result. Eventually I will need to add this value to my query’s where clause.\

Thanks for any hint.


Does this help?

for $i in input()/document
where $i/node/@attr = ‘value’
return {string($i/node/@attr)}


return {$i/node/@attr}

The first return returns the value of the attribute as the content of the element; the second returns “attr” as an attribute of :

If this doesn’t answer your question, please include samples - what you have attempted as a query so far and what your data looks like.