Xpath support


I was wondering which Xpath axes are supported in Quip 1.6.1 and which are not. I’m trying to use

parent::, following::, and ancestor::

but they don’t seem to work.

Thanks in advance, sorry if I missed anything in the documentation.


As you might know, in the current working draft
of XQuery not all XPath axes are supported. And to
my knowledge this will notr change in forthcoming
Quip 1.6.1 however supports all XPath axes.
Try eg:
( )/child::node()/following::node()
…but quips path expression handling is not quite
correct. Duplicates are not removed (which might
get in the result set if you use the parent axes, eg:
( )/child::node()/parent::node()
has duplicates in the result set.

Foer the future, hopefully within a fortnight,
the next version of quip (2.1.1) will only support
those axes which are part of the XQuery draft but
these correctly, ie with result in document order
and with no duplicates.
Sven Eric