I have a client who needs to connect to the IS 6.1 with XML-RPC.
I don’t know yet which implementation of XML RPC he is going to use, but I tried to use the Apache XmlRpcClient myself (org.apache.xmlrpc), to call a service on my Integration Server, but didn’t manage do it properly:

XmlRpcClient xmlrpc = new XmlRpcClient("http://myserv:5555");

Vector params = new Vector ();
params.addElement (“33”);

String result = (String) xmlrpc.execute (“test.getBalance”, params);

The execute function is ignored (“test.getBalance”).

I know the IS 6.1 has a SOAP RPC processor but it looks like it has no XML-RPC processor.

Am i right?



I think you are correct.

Assuming you are stuck with XML RPC, you’d have to build an intermediary that listens for XML RPC and produces SOAP.