$xmldata input to IS Flow Service not generating Document Lists


I am using the $xmldata variable which is input from a client or DSP page and gets automatically converted to a document.

My problem is that although I have the publishable document type, there doesn’t seem to be a way to force it to use the document type. I have explored “arrays” as a parameter, it doesn’t seem to work either.

Is there a way to pass another parameter (or several whichever the case), such that the automatic conversion takes into account the Document List???

My error is that the “lineItemDetail” is a DOCUMENT LIST and when I call the service with ONE ITEM, I get a document type error:

“Dimension mismatch, List expected.”

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This only happens when there is a single value for the array element. Therefore adding this element name(s) into the “arrays” parameter of


will force the service to create array element even when only a single value exists for the elements stated.

Even I have faced this issue in the past but there is a workaround!

Hi thank you for the response however there is an issue:

We are using $xmldata from a DSP or Client.

This input variable gets AUTOMATICALLY converted to a IData document.

This implies that the code to convert doesn’t accept parameters (or does it?) so that we can pass one to tell the INTERNAL conversion that we should be producing arrays based on a DOCUMENT TYPE.

Otherwise the resulting document is NOT PUBLISHABLE (because the lineItemDetail is a document - one item, instead of a document List).

There used to be an options for passing a string and the service receives a NODE. But for the life of me, I cannot remember the NAME of the variable that must be sent from the Client or DSP page.

Anyone know this variable name???

Thank you, your help is much appreciated.

Bump Anyone have additional information concerning the “variable name” used to return an XML Node to an IS Service?

I know that $xmldata is extensively documented in the Developer’s Guide. I was wondering if anyone knew about the XML Node variable…