XML starterkit limitations for http client applications?

I was just wondering if there are any limitations for the starter kit for the http client applications. I tried compiling the examples given in the documentation for http java client applications and http c client applications but both without success.

For java, it seems to be unable to locate the import packages

For c, ino_fct() is defined in the inoclient.h with “extern” keyword. The example program is unable to compile because it cannot locate this function.

So I ain’t sure if this is due to limitations of the starter kit or through a fault of my own. If so, can someone please advise me on where i went wrong?


jach =)

In continuation to my previous postings, would just like to add in the error msg i got from compiling a java application prog:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com/jclark/xml/sax/Driver

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com/jclark/xml/sax/Driver at java/lang/Class/forName <Class.java>
at com/docuverse/dom/util/SAXReader.createrParser SAXReader.java:174
at com/docuverse/dom/util/SAXReader.createrParser SAXReader.java:139
at com/docuverse/dom/util/SAXReader.read SAXReader.java:69
at com/docuverse/dom/DOM.readDocument DOM.java:178
at com/softwareag/tamino/API/dom/TaminoClient.getTaminoResult …

and it continues… with msgs along these lines.

and i cannot find the file TaminoClient.java. Would appreciate some help because i am new to tamino. Thanks a million in advance! :slight_smile: