XML Signature questions


I would like to know if it’s possible to run the signature extension on Unix systems. I know the package is just available for Windows platforms but I suppose the extension is written in Java and so it should work on Unixes too.

My second guest is about signature keys. I would like to know if the signature extension supports embeded key info for XML signature. Didn’t found this information in the manual. I just want to know if the document signer can attach his public key into the document or if I always need to select a public key location in the extension settings.

Thanks in advance.


we just released the signature extension on Windows platforms. But however your assumption is right, the Tamino Java extension infrastructure for Java and the signature extension itself has been written in pure Java.

Yes, the signature extension supports key and certificate information in the KeyInfo part of a XML Signature element. In the case a certificate or a key has been defined by the signature element and a certificate has been defined by the Tamino Signature Tamino Manager configuration, the certificate or key in the signatures KeyInfo is used for the signature validation.

regards Eckehard

Thanks a lot