How to support XML Signatures?

I read the InfoLetter of Tamino4.1 Presskit, which said W3C’s XML Signatures is supported.
I don’t know how supported by Tamino.
Where can I get more info about XML Signatures supported features?
Thank you for your help!

Hello Ju-Young,
thanks for asking.
Just to give you a quick idea how Tamino XML Server 4.1 will support XML signatures, I will recommend you reading the following article that had been published on CNET asia some weeks ago. See at ->,39009336,39100045,00.htm

This new Tamino service is not out yet, but we are in the completion phase for releasing it for download via the developer community soon.
Once it is available there, you will also have access to the final documentation for further implementation details and feature descriptions.
Best regards

-= Frank Jung =-
Product Marketing Manager, Software AG, Germany