Xml schema validation problem

I am using pub.schema:validate to validate an XML document, but it turned out that it is validated to true whatever XML document I sent to this service. Can anybody give a hint on this? I am using IS6.0.1. Attached below is my schema file, from which I generated the schema used to validate XML documents.

The parameters of pub.schema:validate is set as below:
conforms to : (the schema)


schema file
kkk.xsd (0.6 k)


Pls do try this way set failIfInvalid=true,and also conformsToRecordName)


The conformsTo parm should point to a document type created from your schema, not to the XSD file itself.

BTW, I would suggest using a different domain name / file name for future examples. Many, including me, will find the one you used offensive.


Thanks for your reply. But when I set failIfInvalid=true, the “isValid” and “errors” are absent in the pipeline, and it continues to execute the following services.
I did not catch what you mean by “RecordName”, according to webmethod documentation, “conformsTo” should be set to a schema for XML validation, and I used the schema generated from my schema file to validate, and the full path of the schema is also used when setting the value for “conformsTo”.



From the pub.schema:validate entry in the 6.1 Developer Built-in Services Guide:

In other words, if you are validating a document type, conformsTo must point to a document type. If you are validating a Document or Node object, conformsTo can point to a webMethods IS schema (not an XSD file).


Hi, Mark
What I mean by schema is just the “webMethods IS schema”, and I used this schema to validate a wm.lang.xml.Node object.



While using pub.schema:validate service

conformsTo String Document type or schema to validate object against.

If object is a document (IData object), conformsTo must specify the fully qualified name of a document type on the Integration Server.

If object is a com.wm.lang.xml.Document or com.wm.lang.xml.Node object, conformsTo must specify the fully qualified name of a schema on the Integration Server.

Which one is better “a document” or “com.wm.lang.xml.Document or com.wm.lang.xml.Node” ?? and why ?

Puneet Saxena