XML Response sent to Partner shows HTML tags

Hello ,

I have been working on this synchronous HTTPS XML request/response and following is the problem :

  • When the Partner sends me the XML string on HTTPS post , I am receiving it correctly .

  • But when I am to send back the response , I am just converting the final document in an XML string (using the service “documentToXMLString” keeping addHeader & encode as “false”) and mapping it to the final string variable from which the partner shall pick up over the same HTTPS post.

Now , when he looks at his console this is what he is seeing :confused: :


XMLTAGNAME Data~ Data~ Data*Data~ Data~ Data*

whereas , when I trace the service in my developer , i see this is what I am putting in the service output for the customer to pickup :

Data~ Data~ DataData~ Data~ Data

So whatever is happening , is out of scope of this service .

Is there any way to remove the HTML tags that appears at my partner’s console.

Please note the partner does not use a JAVA based tool.

Any help in this regard would be much appreciated .

Regards ,

The default behavior of IS is to return an HTML table the represents the state of the pipeline when the service exits.

Read the documentation to see how to override this behavior for your service to return XML data using either an output template or calling pub.flow:setResponse.