XML Query for Identifying SenderID in Trading Networks

Hi All,
I am receiving an XML in Trading Network(TN) which can have two or one “from” credentials. I have to always choose the last credential. So I need the way to write an XML Query in TN, in which I can count number of “from” credentials and substract it with 1 so that I can extract the last credential.
For eg: Suppose there are 3(count=3) “from” credentials coming in. Then they will be at array position [0],[1] and [2]. I want to extract [count-1] value, which will be [3-1]=[2] array.
Please reply to me if you have any solution.
My id is mayuresh_krishna@hotmail.com


Take a look at the “webMethods Trading Networks Users Guide.” There is a chapter there called “XQL Reference,” which you should find helpful. It sounds like what you’re interested in is the end() function.

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