Xml parsing

i have an xsd file and want to bring in the elements into an excel spreadsheet to be able to show the mapping to a target xml format.

Any ideas on how this can be done?


Are you trying to create FMD’s (Functional Mapping Documents on excel spread sheets) which will help designers/developers mapping of source to Target formats(xml,edi,idoc,cannonical docs…).Is this your query?

Any way can you elobarate more on your requirement.

That is correct. i want to create the mapping documents but the xmls are huge, so it is difficult to manually create all those elements.


I heard from many business Analyst’s,implementation managers who generally involve this type of work they create mapping spread sheets manually.Especially they feel very hard when creating documents for (Rosettanet,EDI,IDOC…formats)ofcourse it depends on how many elements we are using for mapping.

Bottom line is we have manually create the mapping spreadsheets,may be some easy way around,pls share any other experiences.