XML management

Hy everybody,

I am in the process of creating a webMethods Adapter for an external application. This application is using natively XML messages over any kind of middleware. But i have had in the past some problems with XML and webMethods.

I have already done a kind of integration with old webMethods 4.0 (activebroker) and i had encountered a major problem with XML handling:
–> The webMethods broker was NOT able to handle events with recursive structures.

Does anybody know if this limitationhas been fixed or not ?
Is there any way of handling this kind of structure definitions:
structure Foo1 {
int A;
int B;
Foo1 C;
String D;

So in order to integrate my app with webMethods, what adapter architecture will you suggest me?

Many thanks for your help!


Hi …

I don’t think this has been fixed. We had similar problems with the XML adapter (don’t ask me for details, it was before I entered the project so I’ve only been told that we had this kinds of problems). Our solution was to use the Integration Server in addition to the Enterprise Server, using ES just as a message provider, and doing any XML-manipulation in IS.