xml file restriction

may i know does xml file has size restriction ?i am using sapbc4.0 while my TPL(third Party logisctic ) using Biztalk server .When they send me a xml file which is 700KB and i got a error message "“XMLCoder decode invalid data type :com.wm.lang.xml.Document” ,and the xml data file miss up the last part
eg: in the last line is
it miss up the end flag ,it should be :

any idea ?

Usually if the file is too large the IS will give an OutOfMemory error when trying to do a documentToRecord or bytesToString (typically doc to rec). I would recommend saving the data to a file before you perform any operations. It could be because the data is incomplete…

may i know how to save to a file and how to get from file when perform operation.

See the WmPublic NodeIterator service. This provides streaming parsing of XML files, so there is no limit to the file size assuming you can process the document in chunks.

See the WmSamples large document complexMapping example for usage of the services.