XML data using HTTP POST


I was successfully sending XML data to HTTP URL using pub.client:http (POST). But, I am trying to migrate this into HTTPS and have the URL modified accordingly. Also, I have added the user name and password for authorization.

The problem is, the file that is being transferred is empty (0 K). Is there something that I am missing here? I have played around with the URL adding filename and directory etc. and coming up empty.

Please advice.


I was able to transfer the file successfully now. It turned out to be a simple URL issue.


Dear Roger,

I am new to SAP BC , i have the same secnario to send the XML file with digital sigature to bank system with https post method.

the process is

  1. pick the xml file from folder
  2. add digital signature
  3. create https post url to send the data

can you help me to how we can achive it in SAP BC, please provide some step by step document.

thanks and regards