XML content having empty values in TN


Client is sending me the XML data through post. As per my requirement, one of my service(ser1->takes input as node, I used xmlNodeToDocument and documentToString services ) takes the incoming request and forward that to another http service which has url …/wm.tn/receive. In the TN I am able to see the XML document but it contains empty elements.(Displays only Tags)

Could you plase help me out …
Thanks in advance …


The values I have given for the above services are

  1. XMLNodeToDocument: makeArrayys=false, doctypename=<doc>

  2. documentTostring: nsDecls=(xsi=http://www.w3org/2001/XMLSchema-instance)
    encode - true, genearteRequiredTags - True

3)http: - url-http://…,methods-post,loadas-stream,content-type=text/xml


Since you set genearteRequiredTags - True this will show all the tags that are not sent in the xml data but exists in the DTD/DocumentStructure and it shows empty.

Please debug the flow pipeline results once after the NodeToDocument,documentToXMLString are you seeing the expected results in the xmldata.(you can check here itself if shows empty for generateRequiredTags to true,if false then you should not see those empty tags)