XML Adapter : Http Request/Reply Time out

Hello everybody,

Does anyone know how to define the time out of an http request/reply configured operation ?

I tried the transaction timeout in the adapter parameters but It doesn’t seems to work as I though it would.



You don’t have a lot of control of the HTTP parameters with the built-in HTTP Request/Reply operation of the XML Adapter, and as you have found out timeout is one of those missing options. It is a pretty weak implementation.

While I like the capability the adapter provides to marshall and unmarshall XML to/from webMethods documents, I have given up on the HTTP operation and have begun using Apache’s HTTP Client in place of the HTTP Request/Reply operation.

I use a custom code step to hold the Apache code and include the libraries in the Adapter classpath. I get more robust behavior and much more control over HTTP parameters like timeout, request headers etc…

This HTTP client is part of the apache.org “commons” project and you can download the libraries from there.