Is it possible to force a timeout value for client-to-broker calls?

I’m using a EntireX Java Client generated from IDL file. This works fine. However, there are cases where for specific input parameters of the call, the replies from the broker return after a very long time - 20 seconds.

remark: I intentionally not want to deal with the question of tuning the remote server which conveys the reply back to the broker.

Instead, What I like to know is whether there is a way for the client, setup a timeout value for the requests being sent to the broker?
If the broker supports it, I expect to get an exception on timeout which will break the current call and return control back to the calling client.


Hello Avi,

sure, this is possible: in the client application just call the method wrapper.setDefaultWaittime(String wait), where “wrapper” is an instance of the interface object class generated by the Java Wrapper.

BTW, the default timeout is 60 seconds.

Thank you you very much Rolf for the quick usable response.
As usual, you are very helpfull