XML adapter Fault Mapping (OutErr)


I would like the fault XML document that is returned when a server error occurs (OutErr) to contain the IN parameters (and their values) as sent to the XML servlet (using http).

I have managed (by editing the XML mapping file) to create a fault document that contains the IN elements, but when an error occurs, these elements are empty and do not contain their original values. The only elements that contain values are the ones which were mapped to the available fault fields as provided in the mapping editor.

Is what I am trying, possible?

Hi Elsabe,

what you are trying to do is (at least as I’m aware of) impossible. When creating a fault document the input document is discarded.
Note that in generak the input document could be the source of the error (e.g. no mapping found or even not well-formed XML) so including it would be either impossible or would (even worse) result in an invalid fault document.

If you want to return a fault document with some input values the best way to do this is probably in a layer above the XML Wrapper (Mediator ?).

BTW changing the generated XMM file is not a good idea. The structure and semantics of this file is undocumented and analyzing a problem based on a changed XMM file might be impossible.

Kind regards,