XML abstract types


I’m generating a document type from a complicated XML schema.

The schema contains an element named “AmendSiteAccessDetails”, of type “NMIStandingData”.

NMIStandingData is actually an abstract type, and there’s four other types that extend this type.

Using an XML editor (such as provided by Visual Studio 2005), when editing the “AmendSiteAccessDetails” element, it knows I have a choice of four extended types to choose (under the xsi:type attribute).

However, when I generate the webMethods document from this schema, webMethods only includes the base elements from the abstract type itself, and does not create fields for the extended elements.

Is there a way to do this automatically?

Things I’ve considered…

a) Manually edit the schema to include the elements from the base type in all extending types (and then any reference to the base type would need to instead reflect a choice of one of the extended types).

I think I’d need a tool to do this, as I have MANY different base types and extensions to deal with. Does anyone know of one?

b) Manually edit the document type after creating it, to include the possible extension elements.

Again - this would be painfully slow, and might introduce problems where the XML validation gets out of sync with the document validation.

Any help appreciated!!


I have been facing the same problem, did you get the solution to this situation??