X12 and Flat File to XML and vice versa

We currently have an internal integration framework built in Java but we are using webMethods Integration Server for our B2B transactions with external Trading Partners. We transmit XML as well as X12 (and other flat file formats too). We have found that webMethods’ translation utility for converting X12 to XML and XML to X12 has been problematic in terms of its large file processing. So we have started to look outward to find some other sort of flat file to/from XML translator to merge into our webMethods service model.

We are hoping to find something that utilizes XSLT as its base and have started looking at “Cross Translator”, Stylus Studio and “SysOnyx”.

I have seen many postings concerning X12 translators out on the net but not many answers so I’m guessing the subject matter and solution set is very limited out there.

Does anyone have information on cheaper solutions (XSL templates for X12 that can be purchased) and/or input on any purchasable tools that can be used for flat file (including X12) translations to/from XML? Even input on the ones I have listed above would be helpful. Has anyone heard of a webMethods is65 customer that has attempted to do this same thing or has everyone simply used the EDI packages that can be added on to the integration server itself?

Thank you.