X-Query API


I have this query string /Product/SKU[@id" + " ~=’" + SKUID + "’] sortall(@id asc)

and I use this TXQuery API query to run this query but the result is in descending order. If i use Interactive, it gives me what i want, that is the result is in ascending order.

Why is this so? How can i resolve this?

Please help.


With regards,
Hwee Choo


I realised if I run the query using TXQuery API, it didn’t sort at all… :frowning: why is it so?

Could you please post the Java code, where you issue this query. Thank you.

Please get the attached java program.
ProductImpl.java (9.67 KB)

Hi Chris,

Thanks for looking into my problem. I managed to find out where is my mistake. The result actually return in a sorted way but after I put the item into hashmap, it got mess up again. :stuck_out_tongue: