X-Bridge and Content-Type

Is it possible to change the Content-Type of
the document that X-Bridge returns to the client?

So, if I want to render the document as HTML,
can I ask X-Bridge to set the content type
to “text/html”?

I tried to do this using my (novice) knowledge
of XSL in the response stylesheet, but nothing
seemed to work.


Hi Puny,

I tried to set the content-type on the HttpResponse object within my [X-Bridge invoked] Servlet.

Sadly, this also failed…


I don’t know if it fixes your mime-type problem, but do you have a <xsl:output method=“html”/> statement in your stylesheet. See if this helps…



Nice idea - but it didn’t work :frowning:

We read the X-Bridge road map and it seems
that access to HTTP headers will be provided
in the next version.