WTH - Why is external configuration management so inconsistent

Perhaps too broad for Hecktoberfest, but I’ll raise it here anyways. A common problem is externalizing configuration (e.g. server names, credentials, paths, etc.) from code and ensuring the configuration is consistently applied across environments.

webMethods has (too) many ways of doing this, each with limitations:

Administration GUI forms - easy to use, but manual. Hard to automate, risk of human error is high

Deployer configuration value substitution - doesn’t cover every type of configuration (e.g. IS global variables). Deployer is deprecated with no new features. Was a risky process in any case, as you had to remember to redo any required substitutions on each deployment or you overwrote the production configuration

Global variables - limited scope. Only applicable to Flow services. Doesn’t cover IS resources like adapters, web services, SFTP aliases, etc. Difficult to automate substitutions during deployments

WxConfig - saw a demo and it looked good. But unsupported and not available to download

WxConfigLight - too limited. Only covers global variables

Configuration Variables Templates - restricted licensing. Only applicable for container based deployments

Please correct me if I am missing a configuration management tool or process that covers all the scenarios in a clean way