WSDL Generation

In webMethods 7.1 how would one generate a WSDL for a web service call?


Generating WSDL file from the Tools menu was removed starting from IS7.1.1.

Developer tool allows to create WSDL for a flow or java service etc…

You now create a web service descriptor (WSD), a new type of IS element. A WSD can be created from an existing IS service.

1Click on the main toolbar. Developer opens the New wizard.
2 Click Web service descriptor, then click Next. The wizard displays the Web service
descriptor panel.
3 Under Create Web Service Descriptor as, select Provider.
4 Under Web Service Source, do one of the following:

To generate a provider WSD from… Select

Existing service(s) in Developer – Existing IS Service

and follow the next config steps from there…

Then you can view the WSDL of the WSD. Plz refer to the Web Services Developer’s User Guide and section below
“Acquiring a WSDL Document for a Web Service Descriptor” :

1.Select the Web service descriptor in the Navigation panel and double‐click to open it
in the editor.
2 Click anywhere in the operation editing area to enable the operation toolbar.
3 Click on the operation toolbar. Developer locates the WSDL document for the
Web service descriptor and displays it using the system’s default browser