wsclient-authMethod definitions and documentation

In MWS, under CAF Application Runtime Configuration, under Environment entries, wsclient-authMethod field exists.
Which documentation explains the possible values for wsclient-authMethod and their meanings?
I am guessing -1 means no authentication, 1 means BASIC, 2 means use certificate, and 3 means both certificate and BASIC. Am I guessing right?

Hi Joy,

Web application security authentication details needs to be configured under Environment Entries section starting with ws*

wsclient-requiresAuth = 1 BASIC Authentication
wsclient-requiresAuth =2 Using Certificates/SSL
wsclient-requiresAuth = 3 Hybrid.

What you are guessing is correct only. Tried to find documentation for the same for reference but failed. Will post if found one.

What about CAF-Development-Help Guide?

This one should have a chpater about this.


The numbers correspond to the constants in the wsclient AuthCredentials class. See:

0 == none
1 == basic
2 == saml
3 == hybrid
4 == nonce

Hi Eric,

Thanks for sharing this info and reference to constants defined.