WS-Security Implementation in webMethods

Hi All,
i’m a new bie to WS_Security.
I’ve a requirement of implementing WS-Security and we are using IS 7.1.2.
I would like to know how this can be done in webMethods. I’ve any idea about the policy files and how these can be used in WS-Security implementation but how are these related to the webservices endpoint alias like how would we configure an alias to implement the security policy.
Is there any doc which gives the relationship between the policy file elements and the endpoint alias parameters.
Any light on this would be of great help to me.

Thanks and Regards,
Sravana Kiran Daruvuri

Did you look at the WebServices developers guide?

It located here in the client install:


The documentation is pretty informative.

You can get basic WS Security setup pretty quickly by just changeing the web service descriptor for your service. I myself have only been working with basic “plain text” user ID and password authentication but the documentation describes all the other implementations.