WS request received after WS call timeout


I’m having trouble with the timeout for webservice call.

In IS I created a webservice connector based on a external wsdl. I have a service that calls this connector with a timeout set to 30 seconds.

When the external webservice is not running, I see that the calls fails with a fault “ Read timed out”, and the service ends. If after the service has ended I start the external webservice, after some time I see the request coming in.

How is that possible ? Is there some other parameter that I should set ?

Thanks for your help with this issue,

Is this issue resolved?

I am facing same issue.

Hi Hibou/Mona,

This is not an issue, it should be decided as per SLA’s and should be decided in prior by the Customer. You can set the max timeout value in watt property and if you want more wait time for few services, than can explicitly assign timeout property in connector input.

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