Dear Experts,

Could you please help me in understanding what is the role of a policy file in web services. I am more keen on understanding the role of a policy file on web service which could not have otherwise achieved.

My client wants some of the provider web services to provide the response in 1 minute; else a soap fault should be generated. Can I have a policy file created and attach this to all the required services.

Please help.


Do you have run time policy and any SAG governance tools like Centrasite and Mediator components?


No …We neither use centrasite nor mediator in our environment. is the above requirement achievable without any governance tool.

Please help.

Have you reviewed WS developers guide and it covers the basic WS-policy information and how to use it on the services creating simple policies and attaching.

page :150


Not sure if you can use WS-Policies for response time, atleast wM supports only assertions related to security, addressing and lately reliability.

But you can use the service invoke timeout feature to generate a soap fault in your scenario.

Yes you may be right but worth a try: