WS endpoint address binding

When i deploy a virtual service to the mediator, the endpoint defined in the WSDL contains only the machine name. For eg.

<p:address location="http://machine1:5555/ws/myWS" /> 

I have a DNS assigned to the server on which CS+mediator is running. I am also able to access CS Control and the IS admin page using the respective assgined DNS names (CS and the mediaotr are installed on two diff VMs). What needs to be done in centrasite/mediator to resolve this ? I want the WS endpoint location to contain the DNS name and not the machine name. What needs to be done to do this binding ?

CentraSite 8.2.2 installed on a VM on RHEL.


Hi Janardan,

I am not sure if I understood your use case fully. You might try to place your DNS machine info into the loadbalancer URL and see if this suits your need. Please consult the Mediator documentation for more details, see page 31 in

Thank you Gerald. That solves my problem!