Wrong WSDL with similar Input/Output documents


I am trying to implement a B2B transaction using a WebService (XML over HTTP Post).
I have my flow service with the following signature:
Input Document:
|_Item2 (DocList)
Output Document:

There are different elements under Item2 in Input and output documents…So what I am saying is that the Input and Output document structures is very similar say for example structure is the same etc…only tags under Item2 differ.

Now when I generate WSDL, my protocol is HTTP-POST , Via Transport is HTTP, Input format is text/xml, under Input I select my Input document and similarly select my output document.

As it generates the WSDL I get a warning:
Document to XSD Warning: Recursive Document Type detected.
I take this WSDL and generate my WebService Connector and when I look at the Input and Output documents they both are identical…I Mean the Input document looks like the Output document…

So essentially my Input document structure is lost in the WSDL and the web sevice connector.

What could be the problem? Is it the structure of Input and Output being the same or am I missing something in the generationg of WSDL???

I appreciate if you can help me…

Did you checked in the WSDL file for the Input/output documents how the structure/fields types defined?So webserviceConnector creates the doctypes,service signatures depends on the WSDL types definitions.


Why did you choose HTTP Post as your protocol? This is not well supported by other soap clients and will lead to interoperability issues.

The WSDL generator thinks you are defining the input and output messages for your web service recursively. Start with a simpler example and then build up from there.