Wrong transition trigger generation


I’m getting the following message when my IS starts up.

[27382]2008-05-19 19:54:18 WEST [ISS.0098.0046I] Trigger 63WZieDR5A0yWqJpMs9ZGNMhs_M__SRProject.SRProcess.SRProcess_3.OM_DEV_transitionTrigger is only available for Local Publishing. Unable to create subscription for Publishable Document wm.prt.dispatch:SubprocessStart: [ISC.0049.9106] Expected an expression.

As you can see, there’s a problem with the transitionTrigger. I think that’s because Designer (7.1), is generating the filter expression wrong, because it generates the following filter expression:

ProcessModelID L_EQUALS “VersionsTest/test” && ProcessModelVersion L_EQUALS “2” && (

Hi, I’m having the same problem. Is there anyone else getting the same problem or already have solution? Please share your information :smiley:

Is your IS connected to the broker?

Hi There,

Please let us know which version of wM you are using, in which scenario you are facing this error, what’s your requirement. Kindly share more details to better suggest.


I cannot see anything wrong with this part of your expression.

For getting the expression evaluated on the Broker directly it is neccessary to use Lexical operators like L_EQUALS.
Otherwise the expression will be evaluated inside the IS.

There are some points where the expression can only be evaluated inside the IS and is not accepted by the Broker (like the error message indicates:
i.e. when there are namespace prefixes on the field names (like “ns:”) as the “:” is not allowed in expressions by the Broker.

Can you share the complete expresssion?