Wrong transition trigger generation


I’m getting the following message when my IS starts up.

[27382]2008-05-19 19:54:18 WEST [ISS.0098.0046I] Trigger 63WZieDR5A0yWqJpMs9ZGNMhs_M__SRProject.SRProcess.SRProcess_3.OM_DEV_transitionTrigger is only available for Local Publishing. Unable to create subscription for Publishable Document wm.prt.dispatch:SubprocessStart: [ISC.0049.9106] Expected an expression.

As you can see, there’s a problem with the transitionTrigger. I think that’s because Designer (7.1), is generating the filter expression wrong, because it generates the following filter expression:

ProcessModelID L_EQUALS “VersionsTest/test” && ProcessModelVersion L_EQUALS “2” && ( || )

Is this correct? ("&& ( || )"?) I think that’s the reason why it says “Expected an expression”.

What do you guys think about it? Did anyone experienced this before?

I’d say this is a bug, quite commented for earlier versions of Modeler…

Cheers! :slight_smile: