Writing your own Header Adapter

Hi there,

I need to build up my own Workplace.

I copied the workplace.xml and the workplaceheader.xml to my own CAI project and modified them. They work perfectly.

Now I need my own Header Adapter.
I implemented a class EBPMHeaderAdapter and used “extends” to
com.softwareag.cis.workplace.MFHeaderAdapter !
Then I bounded the template from workplaceheader.xml to this new adapter.

Is this the right way to do it?

…could you add the Java code of your implementation…?
Thanks! Bjoern

package com.softwareag.ebpm.app;

import com.softwareag.cis.workplace.MFHeaderAdapter;

public class EBPMHeaderAdapter extends MFHeaderAdapter {

public void on0SizeVertical()


public void onNormalSizeVertical()


This is my class and it works fine. But is this the right way to do that?

Yes, it is the right way.

My question was directed to a former version of this post, in which you stated that there were certain access problems, but they seem to have gone. :wink: