writing pipeline variables in expressions.

Hi All,

Can anyone say how to write the following expression in a debuglog stmt.

I want the output of the expression.


Detail is a document list and alpha is one of its variable.
But di is also another pipeline variable.

Thnx in advance…


I cant quite get the situation in which you need to do that… How do you generete “di”? what si it represent? explain the situation, but for sure you can re-elaborate the situation and find out the solution.


Hi Sandro,

I am looping over a document list and inserting the value of each documents to a table.Whenever a particular insert fails, the flow takes me to a catch block .I want to print the document(id or any identifier) for which the insert failed but when i am exiting the loop ,i no more find the iteration variable in the catch block .This is because the iteration variable $iteration belongs only to the loop and it can’t be accessed outside the loop.

What i have done then is , i have stored the value of $iteration(For that doc for which inssert failed) in a temporary variable (say di ).Then i want to refer to the particular document by refering to %doclist[di].docid% .

But since di is also another pipeline variable the above expression do not work for me.

Hope it makes clear.

I think you have to loop over the document list again.

Or map from the doclist directly (instead of using var substitution) and use the di var in the list index for the mapping. Click on the mapping line, then set the index value, which can be a variable, in the property pane (upper right corner of Developer).

Wrap the insert in a separate flow with its own try/catch or a try/catch inside the loop surrounding the insert. The point is if one doc insert fails and you handle it you should not exit the loop.