Write new lines in a custom log file

I want to log in a separate file.
So I am using pub.file:stringToFile
But, how can I insert CR LF (new lines) in the string? (I tested with \r\n but doesn’t work)
Is there any way to do that (or another way to write information in a custom log file with newlines)?

Can you share your sample data that you are trying to write to file.

You can try use the tokenize (in the delimiter input setValue box hit enter and save the box) and create the new lines and then makeString service.


Thank you, rmg.
It seems to work, but I have found a simpler solution.

  • In a MAP Step, put “Set Value” to my “textline” variable.
  • in the editor, open the “large editor” and write %textline% then press ENTER.
  • Close the large editor and the editor of “set value”.

Good to see you figured it out yourself :slight_smile: