WQL Query vs. XQL Query


I have a question regarding queries in IS. I have document structure as:


I want to run a query to get all addresses which have a City = someCity

I am able to do that with XQL but not with WQL (I don’t know how to represent Name/Value in WQL).

And is there any advantages of using WQL intead of XQL

Thanks I will appreciate your response.

While both WQL and XQL are proprietary, XQL is slightly less so and close(r) in syntax to XPath. Neither is a good substitute for direct XPath support, in my opinion.

This thread might be helpful. The XQL stuff starts at the 7th post.


Basically, WQL is only available in Developer (queryXML, queryXMLnode). XQL is used in TN also, and trigger filters (IS 6.*). So you might as well just learn XQL. No reason to learn both.